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Should You Focus On Secondary Markets If You Want Cheap Soccer Jersey’s?

Should You Focus On Secondary Markets If You Want Cheap Soccer Jersey’s?

Have you ever wanted a particular item, but it was way too expensive? You could either decide to purchase it anyway knowing you’d feel bad about having spent so much money or you could decide to go another route. You could decide to see if you could find the item you wanted on the secondary market. We’re talking about used items that can come in different degrees of condition.

Well in the soccer apparel world, there are some fans that believe they can get cheap jerseys by looking for what they want used. Now to a degree this makes sense. We can explore some benefits of doing this:

l You could end up finding cheap soccer jersey’s from sellers who only sell used options that are in very good condition. These are sellers that have built a reputation on making sure the used merchandise they sell is in as good a condition as it possibly can be. This means few to no blemishes and no other cosmetic defects that would impact the quality of the jersey.

l If you focus on secondary markets you can find some of the more premium options from sellers who focus primarily on this. These are sellers who focus on used jerseys they know have a lot of popularity like an Argentina jersey, a Brazil jersey or an Italy jersey.

l While this may all sound good, there are some drawbacks that can come from making use of secondary markets to get the jersey you want. Let’s take a look at two of them:

l You might struggle to find sellers who offer a wide range of options in terms of teams that are more regional. For instance if a fan wanted a used Gremio home, Vitoria E.C or Remo jersey they might have a hard time finding it used in a secondary market.

l You can’t really trust the reputation of the seller unless they have a ton of feedback in the form of positive reviews. On top of this you might be limited when it comes to what sizes are available. Then there’s also the return policy. Some sellers might have a no return policy, so even if you get a deal and something went wrong when you got your jersey you might just be stuck with it.

So should soccer fans stay away from secondary markets or is there an even better alternative?


Secondary markets can work well for fans who don’t mind wearing a previously worn jersey. In some cases they might be able to find versions of jerseys they’d have a hard time finding someone else and at a decent price, but for a lot of fans the secondary market isn’t the way to go.

It’s much better to focus on wholesale soccer jerseys from good sources such as amodeporte.com. This is a source where you can find virtually any major jersey you want and its brand new. You’ll have versatility and won’t have to worry about things like size or only one category of jersey being focused on.

If a fan wanted a soccer jersey Jamaica, a Korea soccer jersey or a Costa Rican soccer jersey then they’d have no problem finding it here.

Is going the wholesale route always the better option than going with anything on the secondary market?

The secondary market has its benefits as previously mentioned. If you were going to go this route it would be better for you to focus on some of the bigger platforms where you’d have a better chance to get what you were looking for, research the seller and also have a good look at exactly what you were getting. Some of these bigger platforms include eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

You could also decide to check out used clothing stores in your local area to see if they had some used soccer jerseys. Once again the major drawbacks are you’re going to be very limited and it takes a lot more time and energy to make use of any of these options. Using an option like www.amodeporte.com makes everything easier and whether it’s a national team or a regional team you can be sure you’ll have the highest likelihood of finding exactly what you want for a price you’ll appreciate

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