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Recommended Aston Villa Jerseys to Collect for Beginner Jersey Collectors

Recommended Aston Villa Jerseys to Collect for Beginner Jersey Collectors

The new football season has come, and the Aston Villa football club has released their new jersey versions for the 23/24 season. It’s the best time for you to start collecting Aston Villa jersey outfits and fill your new jersey collection with high-quality jersey products.

Do you want to start collecting Aston Villa jerseys? Here are the recommended Aston Villa jerseys to collect for beginner jersey collectors:

1.Aston Villa Home Kit 23/24

The first type of Aston Villa jerseys you can collect is the Aston Villa Home Kit 23/24, which is the primary jersey outfits for Aston Villa players in the current season. The Aston Villa Home kit has the primary maroon color with specialized design patterns, along with the blue color accent for the shoulders and sleeves. Meanwhile, the short features the white primary color with the same blue color accent as the shirt.

The Aston Villa Home Kit 23/24 is the perfect start for you to build your Aston Villa jersey collection, and this jersey kit is still widely available today in the official store and other shopping channels. brazil jersey

2.Aston Villa Away Kit 23/24

The Aston Villa Away Kit 23/24 is another type of Aston Villa jersey outfit you should add to your current jersey collection. The 23/24 Away Kit of the Aston Villa team has a different color combination from the Home Kit version. The current season Aston Villa Away Kit sports the white primary color with the gray color accent for the special design pattern of the outfit and the maroon color for the logos.

Meanwhile, the short of the Aston Villa Away Kit 23/24 features the dominant blue primary color with the maroon color accent. You can grab the Aston Villa Football Kit Away 23/24 version from the official store or trusted soccer jerseys wholesale shop, such as www.amodeporte.com. 

3.Aston Villa Third Kit 23/24

Most beginner Aston Villa jersey collectors often focus only on the Aston Villa Home and Away kits, while dismissing the importance of collecting the Third Aston Villa jersey kit. The Aston Villa Third Kit 23/24 is the type of alternative jersey kit that the Aston Villa players will wear on special occasions. For the current season, the Aston Villa Third Kit sports the green primary color both for the shirt and short, with the black color accent for the shirt design pattern. brazil jersey

On the chest area of the Aston Villa Third kit, there is the Castore logo and the logo of the Aston Villa football team. Please note that there are various player names and numbers printed on the Aston Villa jersey kits. You can pick the name or player number that you like for each Aston Villa jersey kit you purchase, depending on their availability.

4.Past Aston Villa Jerseys and Kits at Reduced Price

The good thing about collecting jersey outfits, such as Aston Villa jerseys, is that you will often get big discounts for past season jerseys. For instance, when the Aston Villa team releases the new jerseys for the 23/24 season, the previous 22/23 season jerseys will often get discounted. This is the best moment for you to grab the past season jerseys of the Aston Villa team at the best price. 

Collecting the past Aston Villa jerseys will help make your jersey collection richer and more appealing. Also, you can maximize the value of your jersey collection if you can add various rare Aston Villa retro jerseys to your collection.

5.Aston Villa Goalkeeper Kit

Don’t forget that there’s also the different type of jersey kit you should collect for, which is the Aston Villa Goalkeeper Kit. The Aston Villa Goalkeeper kit differs from the regular jerseys worn by the Aston Villa football team players. So, it will be important for you to collect if you want to gather the complete set of Aston Villa jerseys.

The current season Aston Villa Goalkeeper Kit sports the black primary color with the green color accent for the sleeve area, collar area, and the logos. 


These are the recommended Aston Villa jerseys you can collect if you are new to jersey collecting. Be sure to buy your Aston Villa jerseys from trusted cheap jersey stores, such as the official store or amodeporte.com. This way, you will get high-quality Aston Villa jerseys that will be worth adding to your new jersey collection.

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