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Guide for Adding High Quality Chelsea Jerseys into Your Current Jersey Collection

As one of the top European football clubs that belong to various football leagues, Chelsea FC offers various jerseys you can collect for. With each new season, you can grab the latest and most amazing jersey designs from Chelsea FC to keep up with the latest trends. 

Are you interested in collecting Chelsea jerseys for your current jersey collection? Here are some steps to follow for adding high-quality Chelsea jerseys into your current jersey collection:

1.Chelsea Regular Home, Away, Goalkeeper, and Third Kit for 23/24

The first type of Chelsea jerseys you should collect for is the regular Home, Away, Goalkeeper, and Third Kit for the current season of 23/24. These are the same jersey kits the Chelsea FC players are wearing during their matches. The Chelsea Home Kit for 23/24 features the blue primary color with the white accents applied on the shoulder back area and sleeves, along with the gold accent for the Chelsea FC and partner logo.

The Chelsea Away Kit for 23/24 features the dark blue primary color, with lighter blue color accent for the collar and sleeve area, along with white accent for the logos. The Third Kit, on the other hand, offers you the calm green primary color with the black color accent. There’s also the Goalkeeper Kit that sports the overall black primary color with gray and white color accents.

2.Chelsea Stadium Home, Away, and Third Kit for 23/24

The Chelsea Stadium jersey version is the replica version of the regular jersey kits, which are released for the fans. These are the Chelsea jersey outfits that Chelsea FC fans often wear when they watch Chelsea matches at the stadium. The appearance of the stadium version of Chelsea jersey kits will not differ much from the regular jersey kits, with some features removed from the regular kit version.

For the 23/24 season, Chelsea FC released the Stadium Home, Away, and Third Kit versions that the Chelsea fans can grab. As a jersey collector, collecting the Chelsea stadium jerseys is a good way for you to populate your jersey collection with more valuable Chelsea jersey items. You can get the stadium version of Chelsea jersey from the official Chelsea FC store or from the trusted soccer jerseys wholesale shop, such as www.amodeporte.com. 

3.Chelsea Player-Specific Jerseys

Chelsea FC has also released the jersey versions with specific player name and number on each shirt. This is another way for you to add high-quality Chelsea jersey items to your collection. Chelsea FC offer various player names for their player-specific jerseys, such as Christian Pulisic, Levi Colwill, Malo Gusto, and many others.

The Chelsea player-specific jerseys will always get updated from time to time, especially when the new season starts. To collect these player-specific jerseys of Chelsea FC, you should go for the player names that have the highest popularity first. Then, you can proceed with collecting Chelsea jerseys of other players.

4.Chelsea Retro Jerseys

Another excellent Chelsea jersey type is the retro Chelsea jerseys, which means the jerseys that Chelsea FC players wore in the past seasons. For instance, you can still obtain Chelsea jerseys from the 2005 season today. Some of these Chelsea retro jerseys are available on the official store, but there are also other places you can obtain these retro Chelsea jerseys from.

Collecting retro Chelsea jerseys can help you build the legacy of Chelsea FC in your jersey wardrobe. It’s also great to see the Chelsea jerseys used by top Chelsea FC players in the past. For true Chelsea fans, these retro Chelsea jerseys can become very collectible, which can add even more value to your current jersey collection.

5.Chelsea Training Jerseys

To complete your Chelsea jersey collection, you can also add the Chelsea training jerseys into your jersey wardrobe. These are the jerseys used by Chelsea FC players to train before they perform in any football match, whether in friendship or competitive matches.

There are various design styles you can have with these Chelsea training matches, including the green/black, black/white, and blue/black design styl. You can also choose the Chelsea training jerseys for Men, Women, Kids, and Baby.


Collecting Chelsea jerseys can give you a boost in value for your overall jersey wardrobe. You can either display your Chelsea jerseys or wear them on various occasions. Grab the high-quality Chelsea jerseys at the best price from the trusted online jersey store, www.amodeporte.com

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