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Adding Paris Saint Germain Jerseys to Your Collection - Is It Worth It?

The new 23/24 season of Paris Saint Germain Home Kit has the dark blue primary color with red and white accents on it, while the PSG Away Kit has the primary white color with blue and red accents.


Is it worth collecting Paris Saint Germain jerseys? Yes, it’s worth it. Here are the steps you can take to add the PSG jerseys to your collection:

1. Collecting the Paris Saint Germain Jerseys of the Best Players

There are plenty of excellent football star players from the Paris Saint Germain FC, and these players have their own jersey outfits you can buy. So, the best way to start collecting the jersey outfits from PSG FC is to collect the jerseys that have the name of the best players in there. Great football star players like Fabian Ruiz, Lucas Hernandez, and Nuno Mendez are available in their own jersey outfits, which you can buy from their official store or any other trusted jersey stores, such as www.amodeporte.com.

Start with these top player PSG jerseys first, and then expand on obtaining the regular Paris Saint Germain jerseys for the new 23/24 football season.

2. Grab the Jordan Collection of Paris Saint Germain Jerseys

One of the most interesting things about collecting Paris Saint Germain jerseys is that you can also collect the Jordan versions of the PSG jerseys. The special Jordan apparels for the Paris Saint Germain FC are also available to purchase from the official store.

The Jordan variants of the PSG jerseys offer various fashion items you can collect, including Paris Saint Germain Stadium Kits, jackets, hoodies, and more.

3. Get Access to the Retro Paris Saint Germain Jerseys

The Paris Saint Germain FC has been around the European football scene since 1970, and over the years, this football club has shown its excellent performances. In terms of jersey outfits, there are plenty of jersey variations released by the PSG FC over the years, meaning that there are plenty of retro jersey outfits available for you to collect for.

The next step for you should be to get access to the retro Paris Saint Germain jerseys and collect these jerseys starting from the seasons where this club performed their best. You can also collect the retro player jerseys from the PSG FC to spice up your jersey collection and make your jersey wardrobe even better looking.

4. The Third and Fourth Kit of PSG FC are Worth It

Aside from collecting the regular PSG FC jersey kits for the 23/24 season, you can also collect the Third and Fourth Kit from this football team. Remember, not all football clubs have the Fourth Kit ready for their players. So, this is something unique that makes the PSG FC jerseys worth collecting.

The Third Kit of the Paris Saint Germain football club has the combination of the gray and black colors with Qatar Airways as the primary sponsor. Meanwhile, the Fourth Kit of PSG FC features the dark green color with yellow accents. As a jersey collector, you should grab these Paris Saint Germain Third and Fourth kits for each new season as soon as they become available.

5. Completing Your Jersey Collection with PSG Training Kit

Your Paris Saint Germain jersey collection won’t be complete without adding the training kits used by the PSG FC players during their training sessions. The training kit of PSG FC will usually get updated as the new season starts, so you can collect various types of training kits of the Paris Saint Germain FC from different seasons if you want to populate your jersey wardrobe.

It’s also a great idea to buy these Paris Saint Germain training kits from the trusted soccer jerseys wholesale shop, such as amodeporte.com, to get the best deals out of your jersey purchases.


Paris Saint Germain jerseys are a worthy candidate for your jersey collection, in case you haven’t added any of them yet. There are plenty of options to collect the PSG jerseys. This team also has the Fourth Kit and the Jordan collection jerseys, which have their own uniquenes when compared to the jerseys offered by other football clubs.

You can always buy the Paris Saint Germain jerseys from their official store if you can access them from your area. Or, you can get various types of PSG jerseys from trusted online jersey sellers like www.amodeporte.com to get the best deals.

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