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Adding Corinthians Jerseys to Your Collection - The Underrated Gems in Jersey Collecting

Corinthians FC jerseys might not be too popular amongst the jersey collectors. But, if you are a true jersey collector, you shouldn’t miss adding the Corinthian jerseys to your jersey wardrobe. These Corinthians jerseys can be the underrated gems in your jersey collecting activities.

Are you interested in collecting these underrated Corinthians jerseys? Here are some tips to follow when adding Corinthians jerseys to your collection:

1.Corinthians Stadium Home 23/24 Jersey

Collecting Corinthians jerseys should start with the Corinthians Stadium Home 23/24 jersey released by the Corinthians football club. The Stadium Home version of Corinthians jerseys for the 23/24 season comes in the overall white color, with the Nike logo and Corinthians FC logo on the chest area.

Corinthians FC releases their 23/24 home jerseys in two versions, which are the men’s and women’s versions. Please note that sometimes, buying Corinthians jerseys can be difficult because their official site only offers their jersey products for local customers with limited or no international shipping options.

2.Corinthians Stadium Away 23/24 Jersey

Next stop is the Corinthians Stadium Away 23/24 jersey, which is the second jersey outfit that the Corinthians FC players will wear in their football matches. The current season Away jersey from Corinthians FC features the black primary color with white accent used for the collar and sleeve area of the jersey. Also, it has vertical white strips around the front area of the jersey to give it a unique look. 

Please note that Corinthians FC also releases the Japan Special Edition jersey, offered in the black primary color with the special design on the front area. This Corinthians Japan jersey type is quite collectible, so it’s best for you to grab it and add it to your collection.

3.Corinthians Pre-Match 23/24 Jersey

Another jersey type you should get from Corinthians FC is the Pre-Match 23/24 jersey. This is the jersey that Corinthians players will use during their training sessions and training matches. The Corinthians Pre-Match 23/24 jersey uses the black and white colors in perfect balance, with black on the left side and white on the right side.

Aside from being an important jersey item from Corinthians FC, it is also a recommended jersey to collect because of its unique design. It is also stylish enough for you to wear this Corinthians Pre-Match 23/24 jersey in your daily activities.

4.Getting Corinthians Jerseys from Online Jersey Sellers

The one big drawback of collecting Corinthians jerseys is that you might not be able to buy it from the official store of Corinthians FC, because they only sell their jerseys to local fans. Meanwhile, you might still buy these Corinthians jerseys from partner sites, but it might still be restricted and not available for shipping to your area.

So, the best solution for you to get the Corinthians jerseys is through the trusted soccer jerseys wholesale shop, such as www.amodeporte.com. This site offers you various Corinthians jerseys, along with the other jerseys from different football clubs, at the lowest price. However, you will still be able to get the best quality for the Corinthians jerseys you are buying from this site.

5.Player-Specific Corinthians Jerseys

Another jersey type of the Corinthians FC you should collect is the player-specific Corinthians jerseys. Corinthians FC doesn’t release too many player-specific jerseys. So, it’s very easy and fast for you to collect these player-specific Corinthians jerseys for your jersey wardrobe. There are some popular player names you can get for the player-specific Corinthians jerseys, such as Fabio Santos, Fausto Vera, Casio, Maycon, Gil, and more.

Collecting these player-specific jerseys will help build the legacy of Corinthians FC in your jersey wardrobe. Moreover, each one will be unique and very collectible, which might become rare and valuable later.


The underrated Corinthians jerseys are worth collecting today, especially if you are a fan of Corinthians FC. These jerseys are not quite easy to get, since you might not be able to get them shipped internationally when you buy from the Corinthians FC official store.

However, there are various trusted online jersey stores you can use to get various Corinthians jersey items at the cheapest price, such as amodeporte.com

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